Erie Canal Flight of Five Locks Restoration
Lockport, NY

Client Bergmann Associates
Owner City of Lockport
Size 12,000 SF

This project entailed the restoration and repair of two of the five locks on the Erie Canal at Lockport, Ny. Locks No. 67-71 are known as the Flight of Five.

McMullan & Associates provided detailed inspection, material testing, test openings, preliminary design and contract documents. The goal of the project is to have several of the Flight of Five locks in operating condition in order to provide an opportunity for the public to experience and learn how the historic canal locks performed.

The project included the removal of sediments, stabilization of the wooden planks and floor beams and restoration of the stone masonry walls. It also involved the research and design of three different heights of lock gates to replicate the historic operating system, structural timber framing and balance beams.

The Flight of Five locks are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The original locks were constructed in 1830 and reconstructed in the 1860’s under the design of renowned engineer Thomas Evershed. All restoration work complied with the State Historic Preservation Office and the Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties by the Secretary of the Interior.