Condition Assessments and Load Surveys

McMullan & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in building evaluation surveys and due diligence/condition assessment investigations all across the country on numerous types of building structures for the federal government, commercial property management companies and real estate investment trusts. ‘Building Evaluation Surveys’ typically consist of a review of visibly accessible structural framing elements of a building, and oftentimes include the building façade components and parking garage structures. Observed structural and waterproofing deficiencies are documented and an opinion of probable construction cost for recommended repairs is developed based upon the projected hold period of the property being evaluated.

McMullan & Associates, Inc. has conducted numerous floor and roof load surveys to evaluate the capacity of the existing structural framing to support such proposed new loads such as high-density mobile filing systems, raised computer floors and equipment, rooftop antennas and cell towers. We have also conducted load tests using CMU blocks or water ponds to determine structural capacity where analysis was not feasible. we have developed strengthening design utilizing supplemental steel framing and, where appropriate, applications with carbon fiber reinforcement or external post tensioning.