New Office, New Logo, Same Team…

As we continue celebrating our 30 years in business, there are additional and exciting developments on the horizon. Starting December 3, 2018, McMullan will have a new office at 11800 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 430, Reston, VA 20191.

Concurrently, we are unveiling a new corporate logo and identity. Legally, we remain operating as McMullan & Associates, Inc. However, we believe this new logo represents our path forward for the next 30 years and beyond.

McMullan CE_2019Logo.png

For starters, we are all part of the same team — McMullan — regardless of titles and tenure. Our engineering consultancy is not solely based in vertical structures as we also support historic restoration and preservation of canals and bridges. We also provide project management support, especially for any IDIQ contract vehicles that we prime.

Most importantly, McMullan brings forward a philosophy that compels each of our engineers and sub-consultant teammates to: See the Big Picture; Think Innovatively; and Manage Effectively. The mainstay being that every team member is empowered and respected as a key stakeholder in delivering upon our promises; meeting the priorities and needs of clients; and collaborating more efficiently and effectively each day.

Quite simply, from receptionist to principal and everyone in between, we extend the opportunity for each person to contribute their perspective and experience as an entrepreneurial team member. That means each person, including engineers-in-training and the teammates of our sub-consultants, are afforded the atmosphere and support system to contribute their ideas without censure or dismissal. Because we know that great ideas can sometimes come from the unlikeliest of resources.

By embracing this 360-degree viewpoint that includes all aspects of each project and everyone’s perspective, we remain committed to providing the most appropriate engineering solution with the highest level of technical competency. Further, we are extending this level of commitment to new industry clients, such as large-scale commercial developers, and into other geographical markets, when appropriate. We anticipate sharing more details and developments in the months ahead.

Until then, all of us at McMullan remain profoundly grateful to our colleagues, clients, and industry partners in helping us realize our 30-year anniversary milestone and the ability to further evolve our firm. These relationships are the foundation of our continued success. In looking forward, we will honor these ties to our community by remaining adaptable and providing the state-of-the-art in balance with engineering elegance.

To see each slide of our 30-year anniversary timeline visit this page.