SI Hirshhorn Lee Ufan Installation

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden received a proposal from artist Lee Ufan for a site-specific installation on the exterior plaza of the museum. The installation includes 2-8 sculptures comprising stone and metal assembled onsite. The sculptures will be located in the grassy areas on the east and west sides of the plaza, on the granite pavers on the south side, and the platform over the tunnel on the north side. All existing sculptures will be removed prior to the installation.

McMullan, as structural engineer, is providing a load survey to check the plaza structure for the load induced by the proposed sculptures as well as the travel path for their installation. Where required, McMullan will provide design of temporary platforms to distribute the load and sculpture mounts.

McMullan Principal Colleen Nasta, PE is leading McMullan's efforts.

(Above Photo Credit - © Smithsonian Institution)

Washington, DC

Smithsonian Institution

General Contractor