McMullan Principal Doug Bond Joins Presentation to PennDOT


On Monday, McMullan Principal Doug Bond joined a team of experts who presented a plan to PennDOT on how the 200-year-old Headquarters Road Bridge could be rehabilitated along with preserving its unique look and preventing environmental damage to that section of Tinicum Creek.

Doug was quoted as saying, "There was no question a rehabilitated structure could support traffic, well over the 10-tons" limit now in place, and would last for many more years. He added that repair mortar used on the pier stones had trapped moisture, accelerating deterioration, and that the tops of the piers could be reconstructed using a mortar mix that was more compatible with the stone.

More details can be found in this Bucks County Courier Times article by James Boyle.

(Photo Credit - © Michelle Haddon/PHOTOJOURNALIST)