Exhibit Design

McMullan works extensively with museums to ensure that special exhibits are supported in a manner that does not detract from their presentation. This always requires working closely with the exhibit designer and museum staff. It also requires a thorough understanding of the supporting structure whether it is 19th century brick or stone arches or modern overhead long-span space trusses as used in the National Air and Space Museum.

Our engineers are often asked to analyze alternative locations and means of support, either from overhead or from the floor. We also analyze the means of installing the exhibit including the path to be taken by rigging equipment and the temporary location of lifting devices or cranes. In some cases, the exhibit may produce vibration that also needs to be evaluated and controlled. In rare instances, we have analyzed the exhibit itself such as the Roof by Andy Goldsworthy at the National Gallery of Art East Wing to ensure that the shape itself was structurally stable.

Exhibit Designs (Partial List)

Roof by Andy Goldsworthy
Possible Goldsworthy Calculations
Wind Tunnel Fan
Ai Weiwei
Command Module