Arts & Industries Building Revitalization

This building was built between 1879 and 1881 and served as the original National Museum. In 2004, it was shuttered after years of neglect and underuse. Its uncertain future and deteriorating condition led the National Trust for Historic Preservation to name it as one of America’s Most Endangered Places in 2006. We provided structural investigation, design, and construction services to bring this landmark building into current code compliance for wind, snow, seismic, and blast loading. Work also included the design of new structural roof elements and modifications to the historic structure to accommodate fall protection and future hanging exhibits within the museum. Careful analysis and testing allowed much of the original wrought-iron roof structure to remain intact to maintain the historic fabric and appearance of the building. Other elements of the iron structure that did not meet code were replaced with high strength structural steel to match the original sizes and shapes. Property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and officially recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

Washington, DC

Smithsonian Institution



  • AIA|DC Merit Award in Historic Resources

  • AIA Virginia Merit Award for Historical Preservation

  • Building Design + Construction (BD+C) Reconstruction Silver Award

  • SEAMW Excellence in Structural Engineering Outstanding Project Award Structural Renovations over $40 Million

  • WBC Craftsmanship Award for Miscellaneous Metal Fabrication

  • WBC Star Award for Excellence in the Face of Adversity