J. Edgar Hoover Building Exterior Concrete Facade & Garage Repairs

Stemming from a piece of facade concrete falling onto the sidewalk, McMullan conducted an emergency inspection of all exterior building elevations completed as part of a facade restoration effort. Utilizing in-place, swing-stage scaffolding for close-up access, inspections included non-destructive testing in the form of a complete concrete delamination survey. This survey quantified the extent of existing facade deterioration requiring repair as well as informed the removal of loose concrete in imminent danger of falling. McMullan also performed laboratory testing and evaluation of the existing concrete facade to determine root cause(s) of its deterioration and develop alternative solutions for GSA’s evaluation and selection. To further ensure safety of the general public, McMullan provided design and construction phase services for temporary debris netting erected along the north facade that overhung the sidewalk.

Washington, DC


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