Valley Health Warren Memorial Hospital

McMullan is the structural engineer for this new multi-million-dollar hospital complex with emergency services comprising a three-story hospital building and three-story medical office building connected by common spaces. The combined complex will total approximately 177,000 GSF. The hospital building will have emergency services, operating rooms, imaging services, and patient rooms. The two-story common spaces between the hospital and medical office wings will include a kitchen and dining areas as well as the public lobby, waiting area, and registration. The design of this hospital will include aspects to support future horizontal expansion, as needed.

Further, the hospital building is a Risk Category IV building; the common space and medical office buildings are Risk Category II. The buildings are anticipated to be steel-framed with composite concrete slabs supported on composite steel beams. Shear walls around the elevator and stair corridors or braced steel or moment frames may be utilized for the lateral resisting system. McMullan is evaluating the effects of steel tonnage and constructability between the different systems. In addition, SidePlate moment frame system will be evaluated as an alternate moment frame option. The use of SidePlate Systems reduces the required steel tonnage compared to traditional steel moment frame systems and simplifies erection with custom field bolted connections.

McMullan Principal Douglas E. Bond, PE, SE is leading the McMullan team of structural engineers.

Front Royal, VA

Valley Health