Lock 2 East & Miter/Drop Gates of the Morris Canal Restoration

Lock 2 East was one of 23 traditional locks and 23 inclined planes within the Morris Canal which traversed Northern New Jersey in general east to west direction between Newark and Phillipsburg. The lock measures 11 feet wide from interior plank wall to interior plank wall, 91 feet long between gates, and is approximately 15 feet in height. The Morris Canal was constructed between 1825 and 1831. The significance of both Lock 2 East and the Morris Canal are intertwined. The Morris Canal is listed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places.

McMullan’s assignment involved a field inspection, design including approvals by SHPO, bid documents, and construction phase services for restoration of the stone lock walls in preparation for the miter gate and drop gate installations. We then designed the miter gates and provided construction servers. McMullan is now preparing construction documents for the timber drop gates. All restoration work has complied with the State Historic Preservation Office and the Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties by the Secretary of the Interior.

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