SNZP/Rock Creek Melan Bridge Rehabilitation & Repairs

This bridge located at the Harvard Street entrance to the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in Washington represents a distinct era in concrete engineering. The Old Harvard Street bridge, completed in 1901 at a cost of approximately $22,000, is a fine example of a Melan Patent Bridge -- a concrete barrel arch reinforced with iron lattice trusses. The span was designed by the Melan Construction Co. of New York and constructed by the Geise/Construction Co. of St Louis, MO. This span originally carried Old Quarry Road across Rock Creek to the zoo and is one of the first concrete-steel bridges built in the District.

The bridge required a detailed evaluation and extensive repairs to its concrete and embedded iron trusses. All work was performed in accordance with the District of Columbia Department of Transportation requirements.

Washington, DC

Bovis Lend Lease (now Lendlease Corporation)

McMullan & Associates

General Contractor
Fort Myer Construction