UVA Scott Stadium Condition Assessment & Repairs

Scott Stadium is home to 62,000 football fans on a typical fall day in Charlottesville. This University of Virginia landmark has stood the test of time yet certain areas of the structure have started to deteriorate. We performed a comprehensive survey and condition assessment of the entire stadium as part of our term contract with UVA. We reviewed the superstructure, seat framing, ramps, stairs, walls, joints, drainage, pergola, and scoreboard structure. Approximately 1,300 deficiencies were photographed and documented in a detailed report. Examples of deficiencies include concrete deterioration and steel corrosion from weather exposure; cracked concrete and welded steel from thermal movement; joint leaks and drainage problems. We developed repair recommendations for each deficiency and categorized them into short-term and long-term repairs depending on their severity. Over the last several years, we have been working within UVA’s budget and schedule constraints to provide priority repairs throughout the stadium.

Charlottesville, VA

University of Virginia

McMullan & Associates