UVA Memorial Gym Suspended Track Evaluation

The Memorial Gymnasium is one of many significant historic structures on the grounds of the University of Virginia. Constructed in 1922, this building houses a large gymnasium in addition to a smaller one that was once a swimming pool. Suspended running tracks circle around each gymnasium. McMullan’s structural evaluation included an up-close visual inspection of the wood and steel track framing in the large gym and each of the steel hanger rods. Magnetic particle tests for detection of microscopic cracks and defects were conducted on the 16 clevises in the main gym which attach the hanger rods to the steel roof trusses. We cored an existing wood joist in the track framing to determine accurate material properties and strength capabilities. We used this information, along with accurate measurements of the wood and steel framing, to evaluate the live load capacity of the suspended track in the large gymnasium.

Charlottesville, VA

University of Virginia

McMullan & Associates

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